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Ideas become objectives,
          objectives become plans,
                    plans become reality.

We can offer you a range of services built on these principles. They reflect competencies realised and developed by our partners. The results are integrated service offerings, such as "EU-sponsorship + strategy consultancy", "nature conservation + international co-operation", "contract management + project management". See for yourself or the references …

...or simply ask our clients.


Current projects

Interreg Alpine Space program SESAM

The Interreg Alpine Space program SESAM introduces an IT-sensor based framework to small farms in the alpine space. The data generated from the sensors can support small farms in efficient decision-making and therefore contributes to their competitiveness and the health and well-being of the animals. blue! supports the project management of SESAM.

Project Schedule: 07/2018 - 04/2021

Client: LKV-BW Stuttgart, RDV EDV München

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Life Living Natura 2000

The Life Living Natura 2000 project is funded by the LIFE programme of the European Union and aims to raise awareness and understanding of the Natura 2000 network and its importance in Bavaria. This european network consists of nature conservation areas, and the Natura 2000 areas in Bavaria play a vital role as environmental protection zones as well as acctractive tourist destinations. blue! is supporting the Life Living Natura 2000 project in cooperation with the Birke&Partner communication agency GmbH.

Project period: 07/2017 - 3/2022

Client: Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Managment


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River conservation of the Vils in the district of Amberg-Sulzbach

Water conservation of the Vils in the district of Amberg-Sulzbach and determination of the need for beaver protection measures and presentation of the results; creation a call for tenders for the implementation of the measures and performance acceptance


Client: Water Authority Weiden

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River development plans for the district of Cham

River development plans, River structure mapping and geographical information systems for small water bodies in the county Cham, Bavaria for 30 municipalities. Currently the municipalities Runding and Lohberg (2017-2018) are being edited.

Client: Association for the management of small rivers in the County of Cham, Germany

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