Research and Analysis

Research on topics of European relevance can take place at national as well as EU level. blue! stands for a process-oriented research approach with a close link to practical results that can be easily implemented. Our scope of services comprises:

  • Research at EU level through studies or research projects

  • National research on EU themes

  • Visualisation of research or study results (surveys, maps, graphs)


Current projects

blue! develops EIP-AGRI projects

blue! supervises two project applications of the LKV e.V. from the development and elaboration of the project idea until the final proposal.

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Grant agreement signed. WWF campaign for the protection and management of Europe's populations of large carnivores is about to start. blue! accompanied the application process.

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Project development of DIGITAL DANUBE

Successful utilization of Big Data by SME within the Danube area. blue! accompanied the application process.

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Consultancy assistance for regional airport Olsztyn-Mazury

blue! supports the regional airport in Poland in minimizing environmental impacts on Natura2000 sites.

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